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Importance of janitorial services in hospitals

Healthcare industry is probably the most sensitive towards cleanliness and sanitation. No patient would want to associate with an unkempt, dirty space in general. And even more so when the space is that of a hospital where dirt and grime can cause dire consequences to the health of individuals with already compromised immune systems. Hospitals are already a hub of germs and infections ready to cause mayhem among people, which makes it even more important for these places to be void of any possibility of cross-contamination. Professional cleaning is of utmost importance to hospitals due to the possibility of dire consequences in absence thereof.

Professional janitorial services provide trained individuals skilled in infection prevention, risk reduction, preventing cross-contamination, etc. With this article, S3FM aims to highlight the importance of hiring professional janitorial services for your hospitals.

1. Overall wellbeing of Patients and Personnel:

Professional janitorial services ensure the overall wellbeing of the patients and personnel associated with hospitals by maintaining proper sanitation throughout the premise. They also assist in increase the confidence of patients in the facility and quality of service by increasing the face value of the place. Hospitals are the last place anyone can find dirt acceptable at. Professional janitorial service professionals help to keep the place spick and span to boost patient confidence and reduce the anxiety of possible infection.

2. Sanitization of medical devices:

For any hospital, it is quintessential for the medical devices to be sanitized constantly. This ensures that there is no cross-contamination or transmission of infection from one patient to another due to use of the same device on multiple patients. The procedure for sanitizing these devices and the high frequency of doing so is efficiently managed by the professional janitors that are trained to deal with sanitizing equipment and different methods thereof.

3. Impression:

Cleanliness also adds to the image of the place that’s in the minds of the patients. Maintaining said level of cleanliness only in operating and emergency rooms is not enough. With the sensitivity of hospital environment to contamination being of extreme importance, people tend to notice the minutest anomalies in the maintenance and cleanliness of the place that could tarnish the reputation and image of the hospital in their mind and hence, lead to bad word of mouth publicity.

4. Cost-effectiveness:

Keeping hospital premises is an extremely critical task. Evidently, it requires a lot of investment in terms of time, effort, and money. Proper disinfecting and sanitizing equipment and solutions can bore deep holes through the hospital’s finance. It is hence, more beneficial from the perspective of cost effectiveness to hire professional janitorial services, since they know affordable equipment that could do the job for cheaper and they can also buy stuff in bulk an significantly higher discounts.

5. Prevention of uncontrolled spread of infectious diseases:

Professional janitorial services also provide skilled workforce that is specifically trained to keep the premises void of any infection-causing elements and preventing uncontrolled spread of infection. This not only helps with the health and reputation of the hospital, but also helps the hospital stay cost effective by avoiding medical malpractice suits or heavy fines due to non-adherence to industry standards and guidelines.

All that said, it would be highly beneficial for a hospital to invest into professional janitorial services to maintain the hygiene, cleanliness, reputation as well as image of the hospital in the eyes of the patients. Get in touch with S3FM to get the best janitorial services and highly skilled workforce for your hospital.

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