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Why do we need more green buildings?

Going green seems to be a trend these days. With every aspect of livelihood striving to become sustainable, it has become imperative for constructions to adopt the “Green” revolution too. Green buildings are among the latest developments in this regard. These are typically the buildings that have significant reduction or elimination of negative climactic and environmental impacts within their construction, design and operations. These can include sustainable usage of resources like water and energy, use of renewable sources of energy wherever possible, effective reduction in pollution and waste, utilization of non-toxic materials, etc. These buildings aim to achieve global sustainability goals like addressing the change in climate and driving positive economic growth.

With this article, S3FM aims to shed light upon the benefits of green buildings iterating their importance and need for the environment.

1. Improved Quality of Life:

Undoubtedly, our surroundings majorly impact our health and overall wellbeing. With the rising awareness and consciousness regarding health and environment among people, designers are pushed towards developing infrastructure that is sustainable and respectful of the environment. These infrastructures include details like better light and ventilation, thermal conditions, improved air quality, and so on. Needless to say, these have a significant positive impact on the health – physical, mental and social – of the inhabitants.

2. Increased resource efficiency:

The constantly increasing population across the world has put a significant strain on the local shared resources available to everyone. With the development of green buildings and sustainable infrastructure, architects have managed to reduce the pressure of depletion of essential natural resources for the generations to come. One major positive impact that can be seen is the increased water efficiency with architects becoming increasingly efficient with infrastructure that can reduce the use of water, reuse the existing water and also aid in replenishing it.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint:

According to statistics, buildings account for a huge percentage of greenhouse gas emissions that increase the carbon footprint, leading to the downfall of the environment with the global warming. Green buildings are built with the intent of reducing or even eliminating the emission of these hazardous greenhouse gases in order to prevent the ecosystem from a complete breakdown.

4. Protected Ecosystem:

With global warming staring at us right in the faces, and the ever-increasing pollution levels as well as depleting natural resources not helping the case at all, it is the need of the hour to become sensitive about the environment we are living in if we wish to leave a livable environment for our future generations. Green buildings are a step in the right direction promoting and helping in maintaining a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

5. Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is the primary goal that architects try to achieve with green buildings. These types of infrastructures derive their energy from natural resources like the solar, wind and water resources. This reduces the use of toxic non-renewable resources, saving money and the environment. Best way to kill two birds with one stone!

The list above just scratches the surface of the list of benefits of green buildings. But it serves as a steppingstone for your journey into making sustainable and environment-friendly decisions for your organization since that is what is going to be the future of this world. S3FM’s aim is to increase awareness among people regarding the numerous possibilities that can be tapped into with your business to stay on top of your game with the environment.

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