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Escort Security Service

Escort Security With VIP Services & Personal Safety

What does Escort Security mean?

Escort security consists of highly trained security officers who are sent to safeguard top executives, celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals.

Our bodyguards have received special training in crowd control and management. Their main concern is keeping the concerned person at a safe distance and dealing with any unexpected incidents. Our bodyguards operate in shifts and accompany the client on their travels.


The Role of Escort Security Guard

Escort Security Service personnel conducts periodic security audits at all locations and makes recommendations to clients for any improvements that may be required for improved security on a regular basis.

Maybe you're a businessperson who needs to go to nations that are potentially dangerous. Hiring a well-trained scotboy might be the difference between a successful but uneventful business trip and having someone on your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They do surprise night checks and make frequent site visits to gain first-hand knowledge. 


What comes under Escort Security Services?

Infrastructure, industries, factories, mills, corporate offices, and other institutions all benefit from our qualified and experienced security executives.

Many people hire a scotboy professional while traveling to a new location, carrying large sums of money, or when there is a general security danger. At all times, security guards provide an extra set of eyes and ears. 

How much does it cost to hire Escort Security Services?

You may hire anything these days, from a personal bodyguard to armed drivers to mercenaries; security people are available for every occasion and budget. 

We provide you a personal security guard who will be with you 24/7 with a VIP facility at affordable charges. 

In addition, we are qualified experts in private security and can provide personnel for movie set security, private VIP transportation, executive and celebrity security, and even personal concierge services, all of which need discreet operations by skilled professionals.

The cost of hiring a security guard is determined by a variety of criteria, including the number of shifts required, the number of guards needed, the level of risk at the location, the guard's expertise, and whether or not they are armed. 

A security expert can assist you in achieving the right degree of security coverage without going over budget.


Keep all your assets safe with S3FM

Our security personnel is responsible for protecting the client, assisting with logistics, and staying alert and vigilant. Our security staff are well-trained, professional, efficient, adhere to rules and regulations, and are well-behaved and groomed. 

S3FM offers security services that are adapted to your specific needs, taking into account your type of profession and security requirements.

Our Clients

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