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How do you ensure the security and safety of the guests?

Guests are what make events successful. For anyone hosting an event, it is extremely important to not just host the gusts attending, but also ensure their safety and security. In recent times, several heart-wrenching events of attacks on huge groups of people in clubs, concerts and other gatherings have come to light. This is partly because of the failure of hosts in investing in better event security that could ensure the guests enjoy to their heart’s content and feel safe at the same time.

In this article, S3FM brings to you a few very important tips to prepare yourself to prevent the worst-case scenarios that may occur during any event you plan to host.

1. Security Checkpoints

Registration desks at the entrance point are common at events in general. But what organizers tend to overlook is that entrances are the points that generally get overcrowded. It can get extremely difficult to manage the entrants in the premises. A tip to combat this risk is to place the registration desk at a significant distance from the entrance to ensure only registered people are allowed to enter and the others don’t even reach anywhere near the entrance to be able to enter the premises stealthily.

2. Confirm Registration

Adding on to the previous point, it is also important to confirm the registration of the attendees with their IDs upon arrival. In case of events that do not require registration, thorough checking of attendees with magnetometers or physical checking of bags and belongings can prove extremely helpful in warding off potential intruders and uninvited guests.

3. Emergency Plan

Organizing any event of any scale, comes with an inherent risk of things south. It is the organizers’ duty to be prepared to deal with every anticipatable worst-case scenario. One way to be prepared for disaster management beforehand is to have easily understandable procedures and protocols in place in case of an adversity. These could range from evacuation routes and methods to refuge areas to meeting points, etc. S3FM provides elaborate guidance and well-trained teams to deal produce and implement such disaster management procedures and protocols.

4. Staff Screening

While an outward facing security strategy is fairly fruitful, the inside facing security threats cannot be overlooked. Staff members, however trustworthy, must be thoroughly screened and introduced to each other to be alert enough to detect intruders posing as staff members. It is also vital to develop and maintain good relationships with vendors for them to ensure the safety and security of your event is not compromised by sending trustworthy staff while outsourcing.

5. Visible Security Measures

Visible security measures like CCTV cameras, armed and unarmed security personnel, metal detectors, etc. act as the best aversions for intruders. People with ill and unfriendly intentions would most likely avoid getting caught and tried by security dispersed so visible in plain sight. Evidently visible security measures strongly avert most of the potential intruders due to the fear of facing dire and immediate consequences.

Although it is practically impossible to fend off all potential threats to the guests at any event, it is the responsibility of the organizers to put in genuine effort in ensuring their security by taking all the possible security measures for the same. These tips are probably just a drop from the ocean of possible measures. Get in touch with S3FM to secure the guests attending the next event you organize.

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