What are the duties of a security escort?

Security escorts ensure the safety of their clients to and from a destination. This definitely does not constrict their duties to just providing door-to-door services to their clients. A personal escort’s duties are much more complex than that. They are expected to ensure the safety of their clients at every step of the way, including ensuring to avoid unsafe routes, mapping the travel route well in advance, restricting access to the said route of common public till the client has safely passed through it.

S3FM brings to you a list of the numerous duties that a security escort embodies. As mentioned earlier, security escorts are responsible for safe transport of their client from a starting point to the destination. It’s what goes on behind accomplishing the seemingly simple task is something worth being highlighted.

1. Evaluate the authenticity of the passengers/clients and the entire trip, including the route and destinations well before the trip.

2. Proficiency in staying updated with the safety protocols, contact details and helplines at every point of the trip to be prepared for mishaps.

3. Be well equipped with safety equipment, weapons for defense, torches, batons, etc. to handle intruders.

4. Ensure the condition of the transport medium/vehicle is conducive for the entire journey and be prepared with supplies to repair any possible adversities that might occur accidentally.

5. Sit in the co-driver seat, keep a tab of all the passengers, pay attention to the safety of women, children and older clients and ensure the vehicle does not take a detour unless unavoidable and is on a known and safe route.

6. Make sure the vehicle remains within a safe speed limit to prevent any mishaps due to over speeding.

7. Keep the supervisors and seniors updated at all the times throughout the trip about the status.

8. Be aware of the basic first aid that might be needed in some dire circumstances to keep the clients safe and conscious till professional help arrives.

9. Ensure safe distance from unknown vehicles and intruders the vehicle might encounter during the commute.

10. Be respectful towards the clients at all times and maintain formal demeanor at all times.

All points considered; it is safe to say that the duties of security escorts are much more than just dropping the clients from door to door. Their duty entails much more composure, alertness and agility than the job is given credit for. Get in touch with S3FM to find out more roles and responsibilities embodied by security escorts and find the best fit in terms of an escort personnel based on your requirements.

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