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Duties of a Security Officer

Security officers play several different roles as per the needs of their customers. Although the main task of security guards is assumed to be that of protecting property and person, they actually do a lot more than just that. S3FM provides security officers that are highly skilled at their duties and also stepping up for the tasks that need special attention when need be.

This article aims to provide a better insight into what duties a security officer performs apart from just protection of property and personnel:

1. Enforcement of safety guidelines:

Every premise has a certain set of safety guidelines that need to be followed during times of crisis. Security officers are the ones who take the responsibility to ensure the enforcement of such guidelines in case of an emergency. These guidelines help protect the individuals within the premises and ensure their safety.

2. Supporting the Administration:

Security officers also step up to assist the administrative staff in performing their duties at times. Security officers tend to take up the role of a liaison between the management team of the organization and the public safety officials. They can also assist by answering, screening and directing calls or taking the message when necessary to convey to the one it was meant for.

3. Helping guests:

Generally, if the security officers are stationed at the entrance to any premise, they tend to act as the first point of contact between the visitor and organization personnel. In such a case, the security officers may help the visitors with directions and basic information to maneuver their way around the premises without getting lost.

4. Maintenance of Order:

Another, comparatively more obvious duty that security officers perform is maintaining order within the premises. They are expected to maintain order within the property by strict enforcement of company policies and laws, Controlling people’s access to the premise and constant monitoring of the surveillance systems and warning alarms.

5. Observation and Reporting:

The most crucial responsibility that security officers undertake is to observe the most minute movements that are out of the ordinary and report about the risk to the concerned authorities. They are required to keep patrolling the premises while being extremely observant to catch on the smallest of unwanted movements. This is also fruitful in case of emergency where the security officer’s ability to recollect the happenings prior to the mishap can help handle the situation better and probably get to the root cause.

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