6 Key Security Services by S3FM

Security guards are essential for all types of businesses. They can assist in the prevention of theft, vandalism, and other crimes that could be detrimental to your business. In tense and threatening settings, security personnel provide a sense of protection by providing a necessary skill set.

When it's time to hire a security guard, who do you call?

S3FM is happy to assist you, and we give each assignment our all. There are many sorts of security guard services offered by S3FM. Check out our range of security services if you're seeking for a long-term security solution.

6 Key Security Services by S3FM:

  1. Personal Security

S3FM recognises that certain situations or titles may put you in danger, which is why we are dedicated to your safety. As your personal security guard, our team of professional security officers has the skills and training to defend you.

Deterring workplace crime, giving a sense of security, providing customer service, and preserving workplace order are among the other important responsibilities of a personal security guard.

2. Residential Security

The world has become a dangerous place, and security has become a big flaw. It is critical to feel safe, whether at work or at home. While you can hire a variety of equipment to add to your sense of security at home, nothing beats having a human inspect the area.

Security agents from S3FM keep a constant eye on their surroundings. These observations can be made using the security camera system and building control.

3. Commercial Security

Businesses hire commercial security guards to eliminate hazards and safeguard assets. Vandalism, fires, and robberies can all be avoided with the help of commercial security guards. XpressGuards is regarded for its competence, dependability, and professionalism, making us an excellent choice when looking for a security guard business.

Our armed and unarmed guards are completely capable of safeguarding your commercial property. We also have years of experience monitoring restricted areas, ensuring that trade secrets and valuable corporate information are protected. Our commercial security guards will keep your assets, employees, and business safe, from small businesses to 50-story office towers.

4. Event Security

Hiring security officers from a respected security guard company like S3FM is essential if you plan to invite high-profile personalities and celebrities to your party. There are several threats to the security and safety of high-profile visitors, and it is your obligation to protect them.

Unwanted or armed people can simply be prevented from entering the premises by security guards stationed at entry and exit points. Furthermore, security guards engaged to ensure the safety of guests ensure that no one comes close to them.

5. Retail Security

Every retail store, regardless of size, should consider employing deterrence strategies and security equipment like alarms and CCTV. Employing or engaging an experienced retail security guard is still one of the most efficient ways to reduce theft and prevent crime.

S3FM's retail guards assess large groups of people quickly, watching for threats in their body language and keeping an eye on the store's stock levels and employees for unusual behaviour.

6. Escort Security

Corporate executives and celebrities can employ security escorts to ensure that their events run smoothly. Professional security is essential, especially when attending important business meetings, travelling outside of the country, or dealing with high-value transactions.

We at S3FM have expanded our services to include full-service Escort Security. We provide a guard who stays with the needed person from the time they leave the premises until they get at their destination.

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