Responsibilities of a Personal Security Guard

If action movies are anything to go by, they give a wonderful insight into the responsibilities of a personal security guard to a certain extent. Personal security guards, also referred to as close protection officers, protect their clients not just from harm or injuries of all sorts. They work tirelessly to protect their clients and ensure maximum safety for them. Basically, protecting the things that matter the most to their clients.

A personal security officer has numerous said and unsaid responsibilities towards his client. Here is a list of a few of the major responsibilities undertaken by a personal security officer: Visibly scare-off criminals: Criminals are much less likely to invade the personal space of a person followed by a security personnel due to the fear of being caught and probably beaten up. This would reduce the chances of any person from trying to commit crimes assault or theft on the person or property looked over by a security personnel.

Monitoring authorized and unauthorized access

A very important aspect of any security personnel’s job is to monitor everything coming in contact with their clients. This includes keeping a close watch on who enters the their clients’ home or workplace, checking every personal and delivery vehicle entering those premises and also travelling in or following the clients’ vehicle to prevent the possibility of any attack during travel.

Coordinating with the authorities

In case of an attack or accident, it is the duty of the security personnel to hold clear communication with the authorities in order to assist them in providing help. S3FM provides personnel skilled and trained to help them communicate with the authorities like police, ambulance, emergency helplines or fire departments and give them information needed to provide better assistance.

Handle emergencies

Security personnel are trained to be able to prevent their clients from threats and take appropriate steps for minimizing the amount of damage caused. They are skilled in detecting emergencies and knowing the plan of action to ensure minimum damage. They act as a watchful eye that is first to see a security threat and act on avoiding it.

Detect suspicious activity

Personal security officers are trained and skilled well to be able to detect the smallest of movements that are out of the ordinary and identify the level of threat they may pose to their client. S3FM provides security officers that are trained extensively to be able to detect the slightest change that might need immediate attention.

Considering all these responsibilities, it is important you hire security personnel that are highly skilled and trained to deal with all possible threats. In some cases, the security personnel are also skilled to train their clients in basic self-defense techniques to deal with intruders. S3FM brings to you a range of highly trained personnel with a strong sense of responsibility and skills to deal with different situations.

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