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What are the major security issues associated with retailing?

Retail stores are the point of sale of merchandise to customers. When we look at retail stores, they are vulnerable to several security risks. These, however, can be easily prevented or rectified with a few simple attentions to detail of the security structure of the retail stores.

Here are the top 5 threats to retail security: Fraud There is rarely any retailbusiness that doesn’tencounter a possiblefraud attempt. Fraud comes disguised as an attempt of returning things that cannot be returned like stolen goods masked under fake receipts, used products, stolen merchandise, goods of other stores or retailers, etc. The best way to prevent fraud is to ensure proper and unique proof of purchase with a digital backup to keep track, look out for pattern of returns from particular customers frequently and thorough checking of returned goods before acceptingthem.

Theft Theft is another most common threat to retail in general. It can be theft at the point of sale, after closing or during work hours through the less frequently used doors. In order to prevent thepossibility of these occurrences, or track the culprits, it would be beneficial for retail stores to have cameras at the point of sale and cash holders along with access control and door monitoring at every possible entrance and exit to the store Armed intruders With the increasing occurrences of violent crimes, it is important for retailers to be well prepared to handle situations involving armed intruders asking for merchandise or money at gunpoint or against a weapon. Keeping alert systems throughout the store and their triggers at easily accessible locations. Well concealed and reachable trigger at the front desk or point of purchase is also vital for the staff to be able to alert the authorities about a violent intruder. Accidents Accidents within the store and the lawsuits following them are something that cost the retail stores heavily in terms of money as well as reputation. Accidents like slips and falls of customers, product spillage or falling of stacks and boxes which can injure customers or employees can be reasonsfor lawsuits againstthe store. In order to verify and probably provide proof of non-negligence and innocence, it is important to have every spot of the store under video surveillance. Angry customers There is no saying how far an angry or agitated customermight go in a fit of rage. It is important for retail stores to have trained security personnel to deal with such situations and control or prevent damage to property or life of everyone involved.Video surveillance also helps in cases of agitated customers filing lawsuits against the store. S3FM provides well trained security teams to deal with anticipated or non-anticipated adversities at the retail level.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there can be several other threats to the security of a retail setup which need to be taken into account. Get in touch with S3FM to understand what your store needs in terms of securityand get well trained professionals that can keep the facility safe.

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