What are the security risks in a hospital?

Hospitals are places where people are constantly fighting to save lives. They are, hence, places where security is of utmost importance. A security threat at a hospital immediately puts numerous lives at risk – the patients due to lack of medical attention and the staff and visitors due to the un-anticipated intrusion. This makes it highly important for hospitals to ensure they hire a well-trained security team that is equipped with the tools and skills to prevent any mishaps due to a breach of security.

It is essential for hospitals to identify the potential threats in order to address and tackle them. Here is a list of 5 possible security threats at a hospital:

1. Violent Patient/Family members:

Hospitals see several complications and unfortunate deaths on a regular basis. It is understandable for emotions to run high. Sometimes people, be it patients or their loved ones, might get aggressive due to an unfortunate loss or bad news and attempt to attack the healthcare professionals working within the hospital. It is extremely important to have security available immediately to handle such a situation before any patient or healthcare professional gets hurt.

2. Trespassing:

Hospitals see a huge footfall throughout the day with people coming in for getting treated or diagnosed with family and friends scurrying around for their loved ones. In such a situation, it can be very easy to overlook trespassers since they can easily mix up with the people around. This is where professional security is required since they are trained to be able to detect minute movements that might be slightly out of the ordinary, which can prevent severe mishaps from happening.

3. Patient Runaways:

The high levels of anxiety among patients can sometimes be the reason they change their mind about getting certain treatment done. These patients might run away regardless of the seriousness of their situation or how desperately they need to be treated at the earliest. Professional security helps with hunting down such runaways and getting them back to where they are needed to be.

4. Armed intruders:

Armed intruders are rapidly becoming a big nuisance for any aspect of life in general. People are becoming too aggressive in showing their dissatisfaction about things and might go to unimaginable extents. Armed intruders can be a huge hazard at a place like a hospital which is already filled with people needing critical care. It is essential to invest in a security team than can not only detect such intruders, but also tackle them with the least amount of damage caused.

5. Cyber-attacks:

Hospitals handle a huge database for in-patients and out-patients, along with their personal information, health information, previous, current, and future prescriptions and much more. Breaking into this kind of information can put the safety of a lot of people at risk and you never know who can use that kind of information for what? Setting up a strong cyber security system and keeping the devices under strict surveillance. Professional teams need to be employed to always keep a close eye on this information.

Now that you know how important it is to have a strong and reliable security team at a hospital, it’s about time you look at hiring the best team possible. Get in touch with S3FM to know what needs to be focused on for your premises.

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