Which are the additional duties security guards do in the residential building

Security guards play an important role in the safety and security of the residential building. No matter where we go, our personal safety and security are a concern. But there is one location where we want to feel safe at all times: our homes. Security guards have a duty to keep the residents safe and secure when they are on the premises.

Hiring private security guards is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of residents of a building. Gate security, CCTV monitoring, security patrol, surveillance, and protocols for reporting any suspicious activities are some of the duties and responsibilities which are performed on a daily basis.

But the responsibilities of a guard don’t end here. In a residential building, there are other activities that need to be taken care of. Let's look at five of the most important additional duties of a security guard in the residential building.

1. Old age people who live in residential buildings need support and care. This is where the security in-charge of the complex or building comes into the picture.

Security guards help elderly people by carrying their shopping or grocery bags. They help the elderly (or any person who needs their support) reach their apartment safely.

2. Visitors to parking lots benefit immensely from the presence of security officers. Each car entering and exiting the parking lot is double-checked by the security officer in charge of the entry and exit points. Security guards also organize cars in parking lots to ensure that traffic flow, reckless drivers, and turn-away squatters are all kept under control.

The presence of security guards in parking lots aids in the implementation of laws and rules that drivers and visitors must follow. The guards will not allow you to park anywhere other than the designated places. Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed to keep checks and balances in the parking lots, according to the security officers.

3. In large buildings, the security guard might have to call maintenance staff that maintains electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as ensure that elevators and escalators are in working order. If they're in charge of a residential building, they may respond to residents' requests for repairs.

The building guard also manages and oversees the janitorial staff that provides daily cleaning services. This could involve supervising gardeners who maintain the building's grounds and landscaping, as well as the personnel who cleans and maintains the public restrooms and washes the floors.

4. The residence or property will be inspected on a regular basis by a security guard, who will keep you informed with inspection reports. There could be a leak, causing damage to the plaster, paint, and woodwork. The building's appearance may be harmed by wetness, and there may be an odour problem.

Due to a clog in the water supply and sewer, the house owner is inconvenienced. These can take care of the water management or supply system and assist you in identifying any impending short-term repairs.

5. During the COVID times, most of the complexes or buildings were sealed, and no one was allowed to step out of their houses. Security guards play an essential role in such situations as they help in supplying fruits, vegetables, parcels for the residents to their flats.

The public may feel assured that protocols are being implemented at the establishment with a security guard enforcing the rules and providing the required support, minimizing the risk of virus spread.

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